Compared to many other vampire themed animes, such as Blood+, Rosario + Vampire, Vampire Knight, and Trinity blood; this anime comes back to the roots of vampires and their myths. In this anime a town is plagued with death with no reasonable explanation; though thought of a possible epidemic, Doctor Ozaki, the head doctor of his clinic cannot find any actual symptoms related to any known disease, besides Aplastic Anemia, which is the loss of red and white blood cells. As the body count rises, he becomes desperate to find an answer until he comes up to a conclusion, albeit a far fetched one, that it might be a work of Okiagari, or vampires. His next problem then is to convince the village; of course such a mythical conclusion would “never” exist in the rational world. As he tried desperately to prove the existence of okiagari, death sweeps through the town faster and faster, until soon, more than half of the population has been wiped. Still they did not believe him. That is until he killed a vampire, named Chizuru, in front of everyone. Then the vampire hunt begins. There are mini plots within the whole series that I will not divulge, go watch it to see. At first, the anime’s plot progression might come up as slow to most people. Even I had a hard time dealing with the first 3 episodes. But it get’s really good. The fact that the anime went back to the original vampire myths alone made me smile, such as that they can not enter a home until they are invited in, or that they die if stabbed with a stake at the heart, and the fact that they are UNDEAD; just including those classic myths already got me hooked. This anime has definitely gave back the respect of vampires that Twilight has taken away. And contrast to the other animes I’ve mentioned, very little gore is shown, at least until the way later episodes, even then, it was there as part of the ambiance, and not for its own sake. (by Flipside101)

Opening Theme
#1: “Kuchizuke” by Buck-Tick
#2: “Calendula Requiem” by kanon x kanon
Ending Theme
#01: “Walk no Yakusoku” by nangi
#02: “Gekka Reijin” by Buck-Tick
[01/06/2011] Shiki Original Soundtrack
Bonus CD:
[Vol. 1] – Shiki Talk CD “Sunako’s Room”
[Vol. 2] – Shiki Original Soundtrack Mini Album “Rouge”
[Vol. 3] – Shiki Talk CD “Sunako’s Room II”
[Vol. 4] – Shiki Original Soundtrack Mini Album “Noir”
[Vol. 6] – Shiki Character Image Album “Croix”
[Vol. 8] – Shiki Original Soundtrack Mini Album “Blanc”
[Vol. 9] – Shiki Talk CD “Sunako’s Room III”


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