Shirokuma Café

しろくまカフェ (Polar Bear’s Café)
Situated near the local zoo and owned by the charismatic polar bear Shirokuma, Shirokuma Cafe is a popular spot for animals and humans alike, allowing them to sit back and relax after a hard day of work. Whether it’s a cold beverage or the latest item on his menu, Shirokuma finds joy in being able to serve his customers, often striking up conversations about various subjects. Together with the sarcastic Penguin and the clumsy Panda, they form an odd trio who get themselves caught up in all sorts of misadventures with their other friends such as Grizzly, a bar owner, and Sasako, a human who works at the cafe. From dealing with unrequited love, outdoor camping trips, karaoke sessions, and even the secret to brewing delicious coffee, there’s always something bound to be happening in Shirokuma Cafe!

Opening Theme
#1: “Boku ni Invitation” by JP (eps 1-26)
#2: “Rough & Laugh” by Clammbon (eps 27-38)
#3: “You&Me” by Saki & Rie fu (eps 39-50)

Ending Theme
#01: “Bamboo☆Scramble” by Jun Fukuyama (eps 1-5)
#02: “Grizzly-san no G★ROCK (グリズリーさんのG☆ROCK)” by Yuuichi Nakamura (eps 6-9)
#03: “Mizuiro (みずいろ)” by Aya Endo (eps 10-13)
#04: “ZOO tto ne! (ZOOっとねっ!) ” by Katsuyuki Konishi (eps 14-17, 44)
#05: “Michinoku Shiiku Blues (みちのく飼育ブルース)” by Wataru Hatano (eps 18-22)
#06: “Zokkon! Penko-san (ぞっこん!ペン子さん)” by Hiroshi Kamiya (eps 23-26)
#07: “Kimama ni Panda Mama♥ (気ままに パンダママ♥)” by Toshiyuki Morikawa (eps 27-30)
#08: “Llama-san no Llama Mambo (ラマさんのラママンボ)” by Daisuke Ono (eps 31-35)
#09: “Largo (ラルゴ)” by Kishou Taniyama (eps 36-38)
#10: “Bamboo rendezvous ♥ (バンブー・ランデヴー♥)” by Kana Hanazawa (eps 39-42)
#11: “PANDAHOLIC!!” by Tokuyoshi Kawashima (eps 43, 45-46)
#12: “My Dear” by Takahiro Sakurai (eps 47-50)

Shirokuma Cafe Original Soundtrack ~Music Playlist~
Shirokuma Cafe Music Best (Theme Song Collection)
Shirokuma Cafe Original Drama CD:
[19/03/2014] 1. Shirokuma,
[28/03/2014] 2. Penguin,
[23/04/2014] 3. Panda,
[21/05/2014] 4. Grizzly Bar,
[18/06/2014] 5. Lama.

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