Shoujo Kakumei Utena


Revolutionary Girl Utena, 少女革命ウテナ
I started watching it at a very impressionable age, and the impact it had on me at that particular time in my life is astronomical. I also have a huge soft spot for anything surreal, gender-bending, absurd, existential, or psychological. “Once upon a time, years and years ago, there was a little princess, and she was very sad, for her father and mother had died. Before the princess appeared a traveling prince riding upon a white horse. He had a regal bearing and a kind smile. The prince wrapped the princess in a rose-scented embrace and gently wiped the tears from her eyes. ‘Little one,’ he said, ‘who bears up alone in such deep sorrow, never lose that strength and nobility, even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me one day.’ Perhaps the ring the prince gave her was an engagement ring.

This was all well and good, but she was so impressed by him that the princess vowed to become a prince one day. But was that really such a good idea?” This is the story that a younger Utena Tenjou tells us as her older self, still aspiring to be a prince and dressing like a boy, goes to the prestigious Ohtori Academy. After her close friend Wakaba is cruelly treated by a member of the Student Council, Saionji and she sees him slapping Anthy, his supposed girfriend, she challenges him to a duel. The ring she wears unknowingly admits her to a secret duelling arena in the forest where Saionji meets her with Anthy, who is apparently the Rose Bride. Saionji then pulls a sword out of Anthy’s chest, and things only get odder from there on out… Utena is an absolutely amazing series.

Opening Theme
Rinbu Revolution” by Masami Okui
Ending Theme
#1: “Truth” by Luca Yumi
#2: “Virtual Star Hasseigaku” by Maki Kamiya (in OST 3)
#3: “Rose & release” by Masami Okui (in OST 3)
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Original Soundtrack
(OST 1, OST 2, OST 3, OST 4, OST 5, OST 6, OST 7)
[22/07/1999] Shoujo Kakumei Utena The Movie Theme Song: Toki ni Ai wa
[14/08/1999] Shoujo Kakumei Utena The Movie Original Soundtrack
[27/08/2008] Shoujo Kakumei Utena Complete CD Box (10 Discs)


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