Silent Mobius

Silent Möbius (サイレントメビウス / Silent Mobius ) is a twelve-volume manga series created by manga artist Kia Asamiya. Both anime versions have been licensed by Bandai Entertainment. It is heavily influenced by the film Blade Runner and is centered on the lives of a dedicated group of all-female police officers with protecting Tokyo from an invasion of extra-dimensional creatures called Lucifer Hawks. The series has been adapted into animation twice, once as a pair of films and again as a 26 episode television series. A new manga series started in 2013 which serves as a sequel to the original series. This series, titled Silent Möbius QD, ended in 2015.

The year is 2023 and Alien Beings known as “Lucifer Hawks” have begun invading earth from another dimension. All that stands between them and the enslavement of the human race is the Attacked Mystification Police Department – a special division of the Tokyo Police staffed by women with amazing paranormal abilities.

[Jul 21, 1991] Tokyo Shonen – SILENT MÖBIUS~Sailing
[Aug 07, 1991] Silent Möbius The Motion Picture OST
[Jul 01, 1992] Saiko Suzuki – Tabidatsu Asa ni / Suki to Iou
[Dec 16, 1995] SILENT MÖBIUS character image album KATSUMIX
[May 05, 1998] Karen Mok – SILENTLY
[May 05, 1998] Ishizuka Saori – Kindan no Pensee
[May 21, 1998] Silent Mobius OST Vol.1 : Symphony
[Jun 21, 1998] Till the end of time / You’re the only one
[Jul 21, 1998] Silent Mobius OST Vol.2 : Melody
[Sep 21, 1998] Silent Mobius OST Vol.3 : Imagine
[Oct 21, 1998] Silent Möbius The Best Music Collection
[Sep 21, 1999] Best Vocal Collection 1500 Silent Möbius

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