Slow Start


Slow Start (スロウスタート) is a Japanese four-panel manga series by Yuiko TokumiAn anime television series adaptation by A-1 Pictures premiered on January 7, 2018. Following an unfortunately timed case of the mumps, middle school student Hana Ichinose ends up missing all of her high school exams. Unable to stay in her hometown, Hana moves into her cousin’s apartment building and spends a gap year as a “middle school rōnin”, before finally attending high school a year later than planned. The series follows Hana as she spends time with her new friends, Eiko, Kamuri, and Tamate, without letting on that she is a year older than them.

[Jan 24, 2018] STARTails – ne! ne! ne!
[Mar 07, 2018] Sangatsu no Phantasia – kaze no koe wo kikinagara / collage
[Mar 14, 2018] CHARACTER SONG ALBUM: Step by Step
[Mar 28, 2018] Slow Start Vol.1 Bonus CD
[Apr. 25, 2018] Slow Start Vol.2 Bonus CD
[May 30, 2018] Slow Start Vol.3 Bonus CD
[Jun. 27, 2018] Slow Start Vol.4 Bonus CD
[Jul. 25, 2018] Slow Start Vol.5 Bonus CD
[Aug. 29, 2018] Slow Start Vol.6 Bonus CD


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