Celestial Method

天体のメソッド / Sora no Method is a Japanese anime television series created and written by Naoki Hisaya and produced by Studio 3Hz. The series began airing in Japan from October 5, 2014. A manga adaptation illustrated by Yuka Namisaki began serialization in ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Daioh magazine from August 2014.

The story begins one winter day when the wish of a few girls was realized with a miracle, changing the landscape of a town. “In the skies above this town, a disc is always there.” Nonoka Komiya is a girl who once lived in Lake Kiriya City, where she met a blue-haired girl named Noel. Seven years later, Nonoka returns to the city, which now has a mysterious saucer floating above it, and reunites with Noel, who promises to grant her wishes.

OP, ED & Character Song / OST

    • Prague – Light Infection

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    • Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic Vol.5 Character Song Karen Kujo

      Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic Vol.5 Character Song CD “Yume-iro Hanamizuki” ハロー!! きんいろモザイク Vol.5 キャラクターソングCD「ゆめいろハナミズキ」 Performed by Karen Kujo (CV: Nao Toyama) […]

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