Soul Buster

Soul Buster (Shi Ling Yanwu; 侍霊演武[ソウルバスター]) is a Chinese manhua written and illustrated by Bai Mao and based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. A Japanese-Chinese animated series adaptation by Studio Pierrot and co-produced with Youku Tudou airing on October 4, 2016. Soul Buster is about a boy named Son Shin who lives in the present time. He breaks a seal in his dream and erases the past known as the Sangokushi period. Without knowing why, he travels back in time and gets involved with the Sangokushi timeline.

[Nov 30, 2016] ED: Zwei –  MY OWN LIFE
[Nov 30, 2016] OP: Ayane – SOUL BUSTER

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