Soul Hunter


Houshin Engi, Romances of Sealed Gods,
Soul Hunter – Battle of the Immortals, 仙界伝 封神演義
Thousands of years ago, it was a time of witchcraft and dark magic. An evil sorceress has bewitched the emperor of the mighty dynasty and he has become a mindless puppet. The country is in shambles and evil spirits lurk everywhere. The human world is on the verge of utter destruction. A bold mission is planned by the Confederation of the Immortal Masters. They send a young master wizard to hung down the villains and evil warlocks in the devastated lands. The story takes place in Ancient China, when the five great Kingdoms come into power. The story is also based on a Chinese folklore, just like The Great Journey West (which is the basis of the Dragon Ball story line). The world is split into two planes, the plane of mortals and the plane of Doshin. Doshin are like immortal spirits or demi gods in the Chinese folklore. Our main character is a lazy Senin named Taikoubou, basically he’s training to become a Doshin, who is sent on a quest to capture over a 1000 Yokai (aka Demons) that plague the Mortal world. Taikoubou doesn’t like fighting but uses his sear wits to out smart his enemies. Though he seems to get himself into near death situations, he always proves victorious in the end, while accompanied by fellow mortals, Senin, Doshin, and even Yokai that wish to make the world a better place.

[Sep 22, 1999] Original Soundtrack Houshin Project Ongakubou “Ten”
[Nov 26, 1999] Character Image Song Collection Houshin Project “Utage”
[Dec 23, 1999] Original Soundtrack Houshin Project Ongakubou “Chi”
[Jul 26, 2000] Character Image Song Collection Houshin Project “Utage II”
[Nov 23, 2005] Will / Friends / Hi no Ataru Bashou
Quality: 320kbps (converted from lossless)

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