Special A

S · A: Special A (S·A(スペシャル·エー)), also known as Special A or S.A, is a shōjo manga by Maki Minami. In 2007, Hana to Yume announced an anime adaptation of Special A, animated by Gonzo and AIC; the animated series ran for 24 episodes from April 6, 2008 to September 14, 2008 in Japan. Hakusenkan (or Private Hakusen Academy) is the best school in the prefecture. The classes are separated into A–F based on grades. The A class is only open for the top students in each grade. The top seven within the A class, from first year to third year, are known as the Special A or SA class (hence the title). The members of SA are highly respected and are often seen being elaborately greeted by other students with the exception of few that dislike the SA. The SA class has its own building, a 19th-century styled greenhouse dubbed “The School’s Paradise”. They also have a kitchen, where Akira makes her afternoon tea. Class attendance is optional, but Hikari is the only one who chooses to attend classes. Their uniform is also different from the standard uniform. The members of the SA have been close friends since elementary school.

The story isn’t the most original story ever, relying on the interaction of the seven members of the Special A (SA from now on) class and not involving many other characters. While somewhat predictable, it still manages to be entertaining most of the time if not frustrating because of the general lack of development between the main couple’s relationship. (The anime does have several minor changes in its adaptation of the manga’s story). The enjoyment varies as the series goes on, starting off somewhat weak compared to its peak later on in the anime. The comedy of the anime compared to manga is just as good if not better than the original. The romance on the other.

Opening Theme:
#1: “Special Days” by Yuko Goto
#2: “Gorgeous 4U” by Jun Fukuyama
Ending Theme:
#1: “Hidamari no Gate” by Jun Fukuyama
#2: “Special Gyutto Good Luck!” by Yuko Goto
Insert Song:
#Ep.19 “Hoshi no Nagareru Yoru ni” [in Character Song Album]
[Sept 17, 2009] Special A Character Song Album


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