Spider Riders

Spider Riders (スパイダーライダーズ ~オラクルの勇者たち~ Spider Riders: Oracle no Yuusha-tachi, Spider Riders ~the Heroes of Oracle~) is a series of science fiction novels written by Tedd Anasti, Patsy Cameron-Anasti and Stephen D. Sullivan (books 2–3). The stories became the basis of the cartoon series produced by Coliseum Entertainment of Canada and Bee Train of Japan.

In this Earth, there exists unknown underground world, the Inner World. In the world, there are braves who fight with large spiders, and they are called “Spider Riders”. According to his grandfather’s diary, a boy, Hunter Steel is traveling around. Meanwhile he happens to enter the Inner World from a pyramid. There, the war between the insect squad that aims at conquest of the Inner World and Spider Riders continues. Oracle, the fairly of the Inner World, summons Hunter because he thinks Hunter will be the messiah of the world. However, the powers of Oracle are sealed by Mantid who is the rule of the Insecter. For the peace of the Inner World, he has to find four sealed keys of Oracle to retrieve Oracle’s power.Hunter asks Spider Shadow, which is a big spider chosen by Oracle, to become a member of Spider Riders to fight against enemies.

[Feb 08, 2006] ED2: Tamaru Yamada – Koi no Keshiki
[May 17, 2006] ED1: “Twilight Time” – MCU (BVCR-19072)
[May 24, 2006] OP “Alright” – Japanese Geronimo & Love Guerilla Experience (BVCR-19679)
[Jun 27, 2007] ブレイヴハート / Towards a dream (LACM-4384)

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