Starmyu Second Stage

「Second STAGE」 is the second drama CD released for the Star-Myu anime.
「スタミュ」セカンドドラマCD 「Second STAGE」
Catalog Number GNCA-1433
Released Dec 20, 2016

1. Star-Myu in Round-table Discussion (Team Otori)
The round-table talk is about Team Otori reflecting on the things happened over the past year. The reason of why Kuga was late for the interview will be revealed.
2. Act 1:In Tsukigami Haruto’s Apartment (Haruto & Uozumi)
Haruto returns home from his annual new year’s trip with his family and receives a call from Uozumi. Uozumi seems to have some complaint about the broadway expedition.
3. Act 2: In Otori Itsuki’s Apartment (Team Otori & Otori)
After the graduation ceremony, it has been decided that the team will host a graduation celebration party at Otori’s place. Hence the team visits Otori’s apartment……?
4. Act 3: At the University’s Campus (Kao Council)
After a briefing session at the university before their admission to the school, the five spend some time at the cafe. Topics include the “Graduation performances” which involve themselves and the “Second Year Development Framework”.
5. Act 4: In Saotome Ritsu’s Apartment (Ancient)
The four have decided to host a farewell party for Haruto at Saotome’s apartment. Talks about past blooms, which includes Saotome and Futaba being involved with the strain relationship between Haruto and Uozumi……?
6. cast free talk

(mp3, 320kbps)

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