Starry Sky

A harem of 12 guys almost always leads to a cheesy disaster. Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as one would think. There is always a laid-back atmosphere to Starry Sky making it a easygoing slice-of-life series. Albeit boring. My favorite arc so far is Tsubasa’s arc. It portrayed him well and made use of two 10 minute episodes. It was realistic for the most part, though it didn’t manage to fully escape the cheese that plagues this series. There really isn’t much really romance in Starry Sky despite its title. The first arc, Yoh, was the only one in which Tsukiko is a romantic interest. Speaking of that particular arc, I suggest you to just skip it. Really. When I first watched this series, Yoh’s arc was what almost made me drop it. It’s just terrible. Just skip it. Tsubasa’s arc, which follows Yoh’s, is much much better. Kanata’s arc wasn’t as good as Tsubasa’s but it was still enjoyable and again, did not have much romance. Still, however good Tsubasa’s and Kanata’s arc was, this show really does not make optimal use of 10 minutes. The pacing is wonky and despite only being 10 minutes long, the story tends to drag. A lot.

[April 27, 2011] ED: Starry☆Sky – Starry Days
[May 25, 2011] Starry☆Sky Original Soundtrack ~Starry☆Garden~

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