Strawberry Marshmallow


Strawberry Marshmallow (苺ましまろ Ichigo Mashimaro) is a Japanese manga series by Barasui about the adventures of four elementary school girls and their older sister-figure. In 2005, the series was adapted into an anime series.
“Cute girls doing cute things in cute ways.” Everyday things make up the fabric of life—whether it’s making friends, going to school, trying to make money, or celebrating a holiday. Ichigo Mashimaro is a heartwarming series that follows the daily lives of Itou Chika, her sister Nobue, and her friends Miu, Matsuri, and Ana.

The premise is quite simple, we follow 5 girls – Nobue the oldest, her sister Chii, their friends, Ana, Miu and Matsuri – but not continuously, mind you, but rather, we drop in and out of their everyday lives. And what cute lives they lead! Don’t expect complex plot here, each episode is filled with the every day things we all have done, the girls go to school, enjoy cake, shovel snow, get lost and play sports. But it never gets boring, because mischief is just right around the corner and it will have you giggling to yourself over the silliness. The simplicity of the plot is the anime’s strong point but also it can be its undoing. If you appreciate the innocent, stress-free and, dare I say again, CUTE things in life, you most likely will love this series, I certainly did. Otherwise, you may find the cuteness tooth-rottingly sweet.

[Mar 09, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro Chara-CD 1 Chika
[Apr 06, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro Chara-CD 2 Matsuri
[May 11, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro Chara-CD 3 Ana
[Jun 08, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro Chara-CD 4 Miu
[July 22, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 1
[July 27, 2005] V.A – Ichigo Complete
[Aug 24, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 2
[Aug 24, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro Toy-CD 1
[Sep 14, 2005] Fumiko Orikasa – Classmate, Flower
[Sep 22, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro Original Sound Track
[Sep 22, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 3
[Oct 26, 2005] Ichigo Mashimaro Toy-CD 2
[Mar 29, 2006] Ichigo Mashimaro Character Song Album
[Jul 21, 2006] Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 4
[Aug 25, 2006] Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 5
[Feb 23, 2007] Ichigo Mashimaro OVA Sweet-CD 1
[Apr 25, 2007] Ichigo Mashimaro OVA Sweet-CD 2
[Dec 21, 2007] Fumiko Orikasa – Yuumachi no Kaze
[Dec 25, 2008] V.A – Ichigo Splash

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