Strawberry Panic!


Strawberry Panic’s story centers on a new student to a prestigious all girls’ school, Nagisa Aoi. The school is divided into three separate campuses which operate separately, have different uniforms, but are functionally really the same institution. Oh, and basically the entire student body are lesbians… hey this is yuri after all! There isn’t any amazing drama or nefarious villains as the story almost totally revolves around relationship angst. The story walks the line on being a light hearted romantic comedy to having some pretty deep drama but for the most part it is a lot of fun. I would imagine most people are going to enjoy it a lot, until you get to the last five to six episodes. Here is where there is likely to be disagreement amongst viewers as pairings finalize and plot twists emerge. This is where my enjoyment also suffered, because I intensely disliked almost every final pairing and the ending to the final story arc itself left me quite angry and disappointed. Your enjoyment of Strawberry Panic is going to greatly depend on how you felt about the final pairings. Some people are really going to like this a lot and others are going to feel very disappointed as I was. In addition I very much disliked how the final arc played out and that several key characters basically got the shaft in terms of their own romances. It’s a fun show for the most part, required viewing for yuri fans and probably one of the better shows of the genre out there

Opening Theme
#1: “Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete” by Aki Misato
#2: “Kuchibiru Daydream” by Aki Misato
Ending Theme
#1: “Himitsu Dolls” by Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu
#2: “Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari” by Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu
[06/09/2006] Strawberry Panic! Original Soundtrack


    1. I have the 3 radio cds of this anime on my Nyaa account, and in the web, the drama cds and the ost of the PS2 game (With the OP and ED of the game) are available also in FLAC
      If you want, you can upload and publish the 3 radio cds (I have 2 in FLAC and the 3rd on mp3 format)


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