Sugar Sugar Rune

Chocola et Vanilla – Sugar Sugar Rune // Sugar² Rune // シュガシュガルーン
Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux are two witches who are pitched in a contest to see who will become the new Queen of the Witch World. They must travel to the Human World and collect the hearts of humans. Whoever collects the most “human hearts” wins. Even though they’re rivals, the two are still best friends. Join them on this adventure!

At first I was just in love with the fact the two witches could see the hearts of humans, and I admit, I wish I could do the same. Although the story starts out simple, like they are just playing a game, the story gets deeper, and more serious around half the series. The story is about jealousy, friendship and love. And even though this is common for many mahou shoujo series, I find the way it is portrayed in this anime great mainly because it isn’t as you would expect. There are things you would expect when watching it, of course, but they are always twisted just a little bit from what I had imagined, and therefore still surprising. I really like the characters Chocolat and Vanilla and how they manage to be such close friends while still being rivals for the throne. Vanilla is sweet and shy–always kind and gentle though a little bit of a crybaby. This cute nature as well as her clutzy moments tends to endear her to the boys of the human world and she’s a natural at gathering hearts. Chocolat on the other hand is brass and strong-willed and her favorite phrase is “I’ll whoop your butt” which gains her much less popularity in the human realm than she enjoyed in the magic realm. Even as you wince at some of her antics and her nature, it’s easy to root for her, especially as you see her maturing. A good majority of the episodes are very episodic and cute, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when some deeper plot starts slipping in. If you can live through transformation scenes, and like a cute series with some fun characters, magic world, and some intrigue and romance on the side, give this series a try.

Quality: MP3 (320kbps, converted from flac)
[Aug 03, 2005] OP & ED: Karia Nomoto – Chocolate ni Muchuu / Tsuki no Mukou no Sekai
[Oct 26, 2005] Sugar Sugar Rune Sound Track: Sugar 2 Rune Un (OST)

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