Sukitte iinayo.

Sukitte Iinayo. // 好きっていいなよ。// Say I Love You
Mei Tachibana has spent her 16 years without a boyfriend or friends. One day, she injures the most popular boy in school, Yamato Kurosawa, due to a misunderstanding. For some reason though, it seems that he takes a liking to her and one-sidedly claims that they’re friends. Furthermore, he not only protects Mei from a stalker, but does so with a kiss…?!!

Opening Theme (in OST Vol. 1):
“Friendship ~ for Sukitte Iinayo.” by Ritsuko Okazaki
Ending Theme
slow dance” by Suneohair
Eps #12: Sarari – Suneohair
Original Soundtrack:
Sukitte iinayo music & drama collection CD Vol. 1 .
Sukitte iinayo music & drama collection CD Vol. 2 .

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