Desert Punk, or Sunabouzu (砂ぼうず), is a story about human fault and error, shown crudely and comically. The characters aren’t one-dimensional and everyone’s got an ulterior motive. The lead character, Desert Punk, is nothing you’d expect from the lead of an anime series. His cold, blunt nature towards the other principal characters may be seen as harsh to some, but for those who understand that the world is not a fair place, and you WILL get screwed over at some time or another, he’s a breath of fresh air. The source of laughter is a mix of toilet humor and dark comedy, so this may not be up your alley if you’re not very much into lowbrow humor. Also, this is an Ecchi series; there’s a lot of suggestive themes as well. This is really a guy’s show; women may not like it. But if you’re open-minded, definitely give this a watch.

[Nov 25, 2004] OP & ED: Hideaki Takatori – Sand Mission / Sunabouzu Ekaki Uta
[Dec 22, 2004] Sunabozu Original Soundtrack
[Feb 23, 2005] OP2 & ED2: YUKA – DESTINY OF THE DESERT / Shinkirou
[Apr 02, 2005] Sunabozu Original Soundtrack More

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