Super Lovers


Super Lovers (スーパーラヴァーズ) is a Japanese shounen-ai manga series published in the magazine Emerald by Miyuki Abe, author of Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East. An anime adaptation will premiere in April 2016.
While spending summer with his mother, Haru meets Ren, a boy newly adopted by his mother. Getting along with Ren isn’t easy as Haru’s goal is to “civilize” him by the time summer ends. Their relationship slowly improves as Haru spends more time with Ren and in return Ren steadily warms up to him. Can they really become a “family” at the end of summer!?

Super Lovers
[May 11, 2016] Opening Theme”Okaeri. (おかえり。)” by Yuusuke Yata
[June 01, 2016] Ending Theme: “Happiness YOU & ME (ハピネスYOU&ME)” by Kaidou 4 Kyoudai [Ren Kaidou (Junko Minagawa), Haru Kaidou (Tomoaki Maeno), Aki Kaidou (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka), Shima Kaidou (Takuma Terashima)].
[June 17, 2016] RADIO LOVERS~BAR time~ Vol.1
[July 22, 2016] RADIO LOVERS~BAR time~ Vol.2
[Jul 27, 2016] SUPER LOVERS Music Album featuring Aki & ShimaRen & Haru.
[Aug 19, 2016] RADIO LOVERS~BAR time~ Vol.3
[Sept 23, 2016] RADIO LOVERS~BAR time~ Vol.4
[Oct 21, 2016] RADIO LOVERS~BAR time~ Vol.5

Super Lovers 2
[Feb 08, 2017] OP: Yusuke Yata – Hare Iro Melody
[Feb 08, 2017] ED: Gyun to Love Song – Kaido 4 Kyodai: Rei Kaido (CV: Junko Minagawa), Haru Kaido (CV: Tomoaki Maeno), Aki Kaido (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka), Shima Kaido (CV: Takuma Terashima)
[Jun 21, 2017] Super Lovers 2 Character Song Album

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