Sushi & Beyond OST

Based on a book by British travel and dining journalist Michael Booth. Follows Booth, his wife Lissen, and two kids Ansger (6) and Emil (4), on their 100-day trip to Japan as they try a wide variety of Japanese foods. Booth was inspired to make the trip by Shizuo Tsuji’s book, Japanese Cooking, A Simple Art.
Original soundtrack of “Eikoku Ikka, Nihon wo Taberu (Sushi and Beyond)” TV anime series composed by Yuri Habuka and Shiaki Dewayo (NHKアニメ「英国一家、日本を食べる」オリジナル・サウンドトラック).
【商品名】 : NHKアニメ「英国一家、日本を食べる」ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
【音楽】 : 羽深由理・出羽良彰
【発売日】 : 2016年1月27日
【発売元】 : アイデアルミュージック
【品番】 : NGCS-1062[sociallocker]
01 威風堂々(Sushi & Beyond OP ver.)
02 Theme of Sushi & Beyond
04 Omoide Yokocho
05 Sumimasen…
06 go around Japan
07 威風堂々(Michael ver.)
08 京
10 WA Spirits
11 Four Seasons-春夏-
12 Back Street
13 Japanese Family
16 Four Seasons-秋冬-
18 Theme of Sushi & Beyond “WADAIKO”
19 涙のラーメン・ブルース by ラーメンキング&ラーメンクイーン
20 Ramen Blues by King & Ramen Queen
21 Ramen Blues[KARAOKE ver.]/
22 Sushi & Beyond by DJ KOHEI × Yuri
23 Sushi & Beyond by Sean “NovaKain” Holland with Elisa Dease
24 Sushi & Beyond[KARAOKE ver.]/
File Size: 149 MB (M4a)[/sociallocker]

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