T.M.Revolution – Save the One, Save the All

“Save The One, Save The All” is the 24th single released by T.M.Revolution. The titular track was used as the theme song for the film Gekijouban BLEACH Jigoku Hen, the fourth movie in the BLEACH franchise. This was released in three CD only editions: two limited editions (A & B) and a regular edition. Each limited edition contains a different seiyuu interview with Nishikawa himself, edition A has one with Morita Masakazu (the voice of the character Kurosaki Ichigo) and edition B has one with Nakai Kazuya (the voice of the character Kokuto).
Released: 2010.12.01 // Catalog Number: ESCL-357

1. Save The One, Save The All
2. Gekijouban BLEACH Jigoku Hen Special Interview “Seireitei Tsuushin “Gekitotsu” Report! Kokuto Hen”
(「劇場版 BLEACH 地獄篇」スペシャルインタビュー『瀞霊廷通信”激突”レポート! コクトー篇』)
File Size: 37 MB (w/scanS)

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