• Amensia Vol. 5 Bonus CD

    「AMNESIA」スペシャルCD Vol.5 Released: July 31, 2013 Catalog No. GNBA-2085 Track List:「アムネシア異世界旅行案内所~トーマ編」 File Size: 60 MB (w/ BK)

  • Amensia Vol. 4 Bonus CD

    「AMNESIA」スペシャルCD Vol.4 Released: June 26, 2013 Catalog No. GNXA-1504 Track List: 「アムネシア異世界旅行案内所~ケント編」 File Size: 59 MB 【w/ BK】 Password: [email protected]

  • Amensia Vol. 3 Bonus CD

    「AMNESIA」スペシャルCD Vol.3 Released: May 29, 2013 Catalog No. GNBA-2083 Track List: 「アムネシア異世界旅行案内所~イッキ編」 File Size: 61 MB 【w/ BK】 Password: [email protected]

  • Amensia Vol. 2 Bonus CD

    「AMNESIA」スペシャルCD Vol.2 Released: April 24, 2013 Catalog No. GNBA-2082 Track List: 「アムネシア異世界旅行案内所~シン編」 File Size: 70 MB (w/ BK)

  • Hitotsu Tonari no Amnesia

    Amnesia Drama CD: Hitotsu Tonari no Amnesia “TVアニメ AMNESIA ドラマCD ~ひとつ隣のアムネシア~”. Released: April 24, 2013 Catalog No. GNCA-7192 Track List: […]

  • yanaginagi – Zoetrope

    “Zoetrope” is the fourth single released by yanaginagi. The title track was used as ending theme song for the anime […]

  • Amnesia

    Amnesia (アムネシア) is a Japanese visual novel series by Idea Factory. It was first released on August 18, 2011 for […]

  • Amensia Vol. 6 Bonus CD

    「AMNESIA」スペシャルCD Vol.6 Released: Sept 25, 2013 Catalog No. GNXA-1506 Track List: 「アムネシア異世界旅行案内所~ウキョウ編」 File Size: 66 MB 【w/ BK】 Password: [email protected] […]

  • Amnesia Vol. 1 Bonus CD

    TV Animation Amnesia Original Soundtrack Bonus CD of Amnesia [DVD] Vol. 1 Released: Mar 27, 2013 Catalog No. GNXA-150102 Track […]

  • Arashi no Sanso nite

    Amnesia Drama CD ~Arashi no Sanso nite~ TVアニメ AMNESIA ドラマCD 〜嵐の山荘にて〜 Artist: Kaori Nazuka, Tetsuya Kakihara, Kisho Taniyama, Ect Released: […]