• BanG Dream! Character Song 3

    Chocolate no Teion Recipe / Rimi Ushigome (CAST: Rimi Nishimoto) チョコレイトの低音レシピ / 牛込りみ(CAST:西本りみ) BanG Dream! Character Song “Chocolate no Teion […]

  • BanG Dream! Character Song 2

    Hanazono Denki Guitar!!! / Tae Hanazono (CAST: Sae Otsuka) 花園電気ギター!!! / 花園たえ(CAST:大塚紗英) BanG Dream! Character Song “Hanazono Denki Guitar!!!” / […]

  • Mae e Susume! / Yumemiru Sunflower

    Mae e Susume!/Yumemiru Sunflower / Poppin’Party 前へススメ!/夢みるSunflower / Poppin’Party Catalog Number BRMM-10084 Release Date May 10, 2017 Tracklist 01 前へススメ! […]

  • BanG Dream! OST

    BanG Dream! Original Soundtrack TVアニメ「BanG Dream!」オリジナル・サウンドトラック Composed by Elements Garden (Junpei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima, Ryutaro Fujinaga) Catalog Number BRMM-10079 Release […]

  • Roselia – BLACK SHOUT

    TV Anime Bang Dream! Insert Song Catalog Number BRMM-10086 Release Date Apr 19, 2017 CD 01 BLACK SHOUT 02 LOUDER […]

  • BanG Dream! Character Song Vol.1

    Dokidoki SING OUT! / Kasumi Toyama (CV: Aimi) どきどきSING OUT! / 戸山香澄(CV:愛美) BanG Dream! Character Song Vol.1 / Kasumi Toyama […]

  • Poppin’Party – Tokimeki Experience!

    TV Anime “BanG Dream!” Opening Theme Song ときめきエクスペリエンス! / Poppin’Party Catalog Number BRMM-10065 Release Date Feb 01, 2017 Tracklist 01 […]

  • BanG Dream!

    Since she was very young, Kasumi Toyama has always been searching for the “Star Beat”, a sparkling and exciting sound […]