Released 17 May 2006, in support of the Japanese national football team for the World Cup. The b-side of this […]

  • V6 – Orange

    Orange is V6’s 28th single. Orange was used as the theme song for the movie Hold Up Down, starring all […]

  • V6 – Utao-Utao

    “UTAO-UTAO” is V6’s 27th single. The title track was used as the theme song for the TBS dorama Tiger & […]

  • ZZ – ZZB -ZZ Best-

    Greatest hits album from ZZ features everything from their debut single “Rhythmist” to their latest release “Just Only On/Samurai Crew.” […]

  • TRAX – Blaze Away

    TV Anime “Eyeshield 21” 2nd Ending Theme Catalog Number AVCD-30765 Release Date Sep 14, 2005 Tracklist 01 Blaze Away 3:48 […]

  • BACK-ON – Flower

    “flower” is the third single released by BACK-ON, released on the same date as their fourth single “Butterfly”. This song […]

  • Ricken’s – Be Free

    TV Anime Eyeshield21 1st ED theme song Release Date June 08, 2005 Catalog No. AVCD-30733 Tracklist 1 Be Free 2 […]

  • Deimon Devil Bats – Run to Win!

    TVアニメーション 「アイシールド21」 エンディングシングル: Run to Win! TV Anime Eyeshield 21 4th ED theme song Release Date 2006.08.09 Catalog No. AVCA-22833 […]

  • Eyeshield21 Song Best

    TV Animation 「Eyeshield21」 Song Best TVアニメーション「アイシールド21」SONG BEST Released: March 23, 2006 Catalog No. AVCA-22651 ≪Track List≫ 1. GO!!<album‐mix>(小早川瀬那(入野自由)) 2. Make my way<album‐mix>(桜庭春人(宮野真守)) […]