• Faylan – Wonder Fang

    TV Anime “Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 2” Opening Theme Catalog Number LACM-14113 Release Date Jul 24, 2013 Tracklist: 01 wonder […]

  • Faylan – God FATE

    TV Anime “Hakkenden -Touhou Hakken Ibun-” Opening Theme God FATE / 飛蘭 Catalog Number LACM-14058 Release Date Jan 23, 2013 […]

  • Yuri-mu Croquette

    Garei -ZERO- Image Song Collection “Yuri-mu Croquette” 喰霊-零-イメージソング集 百合ームコロッケ Catalog Number LACA-5837 Release Date Dec 25, 2008 Tracklist: 01 Dark […]

  • Faylan – Honnou no DOUBT

    Tantei Opera Milky Holmes anime ED theme: 本能のDOUBT / 飛蘭 Catalog Number LACM-4760 Release Date Nov 24, 2010[sociallocker] Tracklist: 01 […]

  • Canaan (7 CD)

    Canaan (カナン) is a 13-episode anime television series, conceptualized by Type-Moon co-founders Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi, based on the […]

  • Broken Blade (12 CD)

    Broken Blade (ブレイク ブレイド, a.k.a. “Break Blade”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yunosuke Yoshinaga. The story […]