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  • hiro – Clover

    Debut single from hiro, used as TV Anime Black Jack 2nd ED Theme. Release Date August 03, 2005 Catalog No. […]

  • I still believe ~Tameiki~

    I still believe ~Tameiki~ is a single by J-pop singer Yumi Shizukusa. The song is the 27th closing of the […]

  • Konomi Suzuki – This game

    TV Anime “No Game No Life” Opening Theme This game / 鈴木このみ Catalog Number ZMCZ-9307 Release Date May 21, 2014 […]


    TVアニメ「鋼の錬金術師」HAGAREN SONG FILE-MAES HUGHES-/藤原啓治 Catalog Number SVWC-7277 Release Date Jul 20, 2005 Tracklist 01 Soshite Kyou mo Sekai wa 4:16 […]

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