Tamayura (たまゆら) is a Japanese anime series written and directed by Junichi Sato. A 12-episode anime TV series produced by TYO Animations, titled Tamayura: Hitotose, aired in Japan between October and December 2011. A second TV anime season, Tamayura: More Aggressive, aired between July and September 2013. A four-part animated film series adapt the final year of the story; three were released in 2015 with the final film to be released in 2016.
Tamayura centers around a young girl named Fū Sawatari who moves to Takehara, Hiroshima to begin her first year of high school. Her late father grew up in Takehara and this is her first time back in the town in five years. Fū enjoys photography and is often engrossed with taking pictures with her father’s old Rollei 35 S film camera. A shy girl, Fū tries her best to make friends early on, spurred on by her childhood friend Kaoru Hanawa. She quickly becomes friends with two other girls, Maon Sakurada and Norie Okazaki. After a year has passed, Fū forms a photography club and meets fellow photographer Kanae Mitani.

Tamayura (OVA)
[Oct 20, 2010] OP: Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara
[Nov 24, 2010] ED & Insert Song
[Dec 22, 2010] Tamayura (OVA) OST

Tamayura ~hitotose~
[Oct 26, 2011] ED: Megumi Nakajima – Kamisama no Itazura
[Oct 26, 2011] OP: Maaya Sakamoto – Okaerinasai
[Nov 30, 2011] Original Soundtrack
[Dec 28, 2011] Tamayura ~hitotose~ Vocal Album

Tamayura ~more aggressive~
[Jul 31, 2013] OP: Maaya Sakamoto – Hajimari no Umi
[Aug 07, 2013] ED: Megumi Nakajima – Arigatou
[Sep 25, 2013] Vocal Album Utatose
[Sep 30, 2015] Maaya Sakamoto – FOLLOW ME UP

Tamayura ~Sotsugyou Shashin~
[Apr 01, 2015] Maaya Sakamoto – Kore Kara
[Mar 30, 2016] Tamayura Theme Songs Collection
[May 12, 2016] Tamayura Theme Song Piano Ver.


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