Teekyu (てーきゅう) is a sports comedy manga series. Another spin-off manga series named Usakame (うさかめ) which features the Tennis Club’s opponents was released in 2015. The story follows the everyday lives of four girls of the Kameido High School’s tennis club. The series’ focus is not really on tennis, but on the wacky and eccentric characters, with strange object associations and even stranger misconceptions, on their many random adventures. These adventures have included traveling to an army base, going skiing, helping a cake shop owner with financial troubles, and helping an alien refuel her spaceship.

[Sept 28, 2016] Teekyu Best
[Nov 23, 2016] Kaori Ishihara – Gluten Elegy
[Nov 23, 2016] Nihongo Wakarimasen / Tomarin (CV: Yui Ogura)

[May 25, 2016] Hashire! Usakame Koukou Tennis-bu!!
[May 25, 2016] Earth Star Dream – Promise you

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  • Durarara!! Vol. 7 Bonus CD

    ドラマCD〈2〉『未来永劫』ヤスダスズヒト描き下ろしイラストジャケット付き 売日:2010年8月25日 完全生産限定版 ANZB-9533/税込価格:6,300円[sociallocker] File Size: 57 MB (320kbps)[/sociallocker] 25 total views, 5 views today

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