Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki Hihoukan

天地無用! 魎皇鬼 秘宝館
Catalog Number PICA-1060
Release Date Mar 22, 1995

Disc 1. “Ten” no Maki: Studio Session!
Disc 2. “Chi” no Maki: Best Album Part.2!
Disc 3. “Mu” no Maki: Original Soundtrack!
All Tracks Composed: Seikou Nagaoka
Disc 4. “Yo” no Maki: “Tenchi Kaibyaku Jikuu Michiyuki” Drama Director’s Cut!
Disc 5. “!” no Maki: CD-G Karaoke!
Small Note: Not interested to upload Disc #4, Disc #5 UNAVAILABLE. Don’t ask me “why?”

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