Tenipuri Song 1/800 Kyoku -Tick-

テニプリソング1/800曲! (はっぴゃくぶんのオンリーワン) -竹 (Tick)-
Tenipuri Song 1/800 Kyoku! (Happyaku Bun no Only One) -Tick-
Release Date December 14, 2016
Catalog No. NECA-18007

track listing
1. 業火絢爛
3. Flower-咲乱華-
4. Gather
5. Wonderful Days
7. 不条理
8. Dear Prince~テニスの王子様達へ~
9. Love Festival
10. 恋の激ダサ絶頂!

(mp3, 320kbps)

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