Tezuka Osamu no Buddha

In ancient Nepal, the lives of the re plagued by drought, famine, constant warfare and the injustices of the strict caste system. The intertwining lives of many unhappy souls are drawn together by the birth of the young prince Siddhartha, who embarks on a spiritual journey, becomes Buddha, “the Enlightened One,” and attempts to bring about a spiritual rebirth of the people in this desperate age.

Ending Theme:
1. Scarlet Love Song – X Japan
2. Pray – Ayumi Hamasaki
Insert Song: Na mo Naki Hana No You Ni – yu-yu

Alternative Title:
Tezuka Osamu no Buddha: Akai Sabaku yo! Utsukushiku
Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha Movie 1: The Red Desert! It’s Beautiful
Buddha 2: Tezuka Osamu no Buddha: Owarinaki Tabi
Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha Movie 2: Endless Trip
BUDDHA2 手塚治虫のブッダ-終わりなき旅-

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