The Law Of Songs!

The Law of Ueki Character Song Album The Law Of Songs!
うえきの法則キャラクターソングアルバム The Law Of Songs!
Catalog Number AVCA-22654
Release Date Mar 15, 2006

01 Evolution [Album Mix] 4:32
02 Special na everyday [Album Mix] 3:56
03 HIGHER [Album Mix] 3:18
04 Dirty Heroes [Album Mix] 3:39
05 Taiyou no Basho [Album Mix] 3:53
06 Ano Hi kara [Album Mix] 4:08
07 More… [Album Mix] 4:40
08 Give me more [Album Mix] 4:47
09 HATTARI! 4:19
10 road 4:33

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