The Royal Tutor Duet Song Series Vol.1

王室教師ハイネキャラクターソング: カイ&ハイネ from P4 with T
Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Character Song Duet Vol. 1
Kai & Heine From P4 With T (Ueda Keisuke & Asato Yuya)
Royal Family Teacher Heine Character Song Vol. 1 – I will Not Go On Foot
Release Date Sept 27, 2017
Catalog Number EYCA-11535

1 いざ いざ いざ 行かん! / カイ(CV:安里勇哉)&ハイネ(CV:植田圭輔) from P4 with T
2 Prince Night~どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS~ (カイver.)
3 いざ いざ いざ 行かん! (Instrumental)
4 Prince Night~どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS~ (カイver.) (Instrumental)

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MP3/320kbpsNo18 MB*29 Sept 2017google drive

*without instrumental version

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