Togainu no Chi

Togainu no Chi (咎狗の血 lit. Blood of the Reprimanded Dog) is a Japanese BL visual novel created by Nitro+CHiRAL. The plot centers on Akira, a young man who is made to participate in a deadly game called “Igura” (Russian for “game”) in post-apocalyptic Japan in exchange for being freed from prison. His goal is to beat “Il Re” (Italian for “The King”), the strongest person in Igura. The anime began airing on MBS and TBS on October 7, 2010.

[Oct 27, 2010] OP: GRANRODEO – Rose Hip-Bullet
[Jan 12, 2011] TV Animation Togainu no Chi Original Soundtrack
[May 09, 2012] Togainu no Chi Ending Theme Complete Collection

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