Tokyo ESP

Urushiba Rinka was a fairly normal high school girl, though she was a bit poor and her only family was her father. Then one day, she saw a penguin and some glowing fish swimming through the sky. Rinka might have thought it was a hallucination if there hadn’t been another witness with her, a boy from her school with a strangely scratched-up face. Contact with a fish caused her to pass out, and when she awoke, she had developed the power to move through inanimate objects… such as the floor of her apartment! Later, a call from her father showed her that she was not the only one the flying fish bestowed with hard-to-control superpowers! What exactly is going on here?

Opening Theme: “Tokyo Zero Hearts” by Faylan
Ending Theme: “Kyusei Argyros” by Yousei Teikoku
Insert Songs (Ep 1): “Dark Side of the Light” by Faylan (in Album Polaris)
Tokyo ESP Character Song Album: Utau ESP
Special Soundtracks (Bonus CD)
Vol.1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 4 | Vol. 5 | Vol. 6 |

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