Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho

The story follows five students: Tatsuma, Kyouichi, Aoi, Sakurai and Daigo who never really have talked to each other, in their fight to protect the city. The 1st episode was extremely intense and exciting to watch, on the other hand it will leave you completely bewildered and wondering what was going on. Yet for the first couple episodes of Tokyo Majin not much was explained about the current plot and it felt unnecessarily confusing. It’s only until episode 7 “Multitude of Demonic Arts” that a lot of the main questions were answered, which gives chance for a less confusing show that can be fully appreciated. This anime has all the standard elements found in Shounen anime (team of good guys, special powers, the main bad guy, the minor bad guys under control and so on…) and it works well in this series.

Opening Theme: “0:00 a.m.” by ACID
Ending Theme: “Hanafubuki” by ACID
[28/02/2007] OP& ED Single
[22/11/2007] Original Soundtrack

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