Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Tonari no Kaibutsukun / The Monster Next Door /
My Neighbor Monster-kun / My Little Monster / となりの怪物くん
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, to be blunt, is an amazing love story. Amazingly, the appeal does not depend on the size of one’s breasts. The two main characters, Shizuku and Haru, make up a hilarious dynamic duo. They are both socially awkward, combined with the fact that they have no earthly idea of how a relationship works. This is actually a big positive, simply because the story avoids all the generics in your typical relationship cycle. Skip the “fated encounter”, the “commonalities”, the “date”, the “predicament”, the “make up”, and the “confession”. Haru and Shizuku are simply oblivious to the norm, which allows them to clearly speak their minds. Imagine blurting out everything you think and how ridiculously entertaining that would be. This is one of the primary reasons why the characters in Tonari are so lovable and funny.

Opening Theme: “Q&A Recital!” by Haruka Tomatsu
Ending Theme: “White Wishes” by 9nine
Bonus CD:
CD 1 – Duet Song #1
CD 2 – Seiyuu Comment #1
CD 3 – Original Soundtrack
CD 4 – Drama CD
CD 5 – Seiyuu Comment #2
CD 6 – Duet Song #2

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