Trickster, full title known as Trickster: From Edogawa Ranpo’s “The Boy Detectives Club” (TRICKSTER -江戸川乱歩「少年探偵団」より- , TRICKSTER -Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori-), is a 2016 Japanese anime television series produced by TMS Entertainment and Shin-Ei Animation. It began airing on October 4, 2016 on Tokyo MX and Yomiuri TV. A prequel original video animation split into two parts, titled “Episode 00”, is scheduled for release on December 22, 2016.

The story is set in 203X, and the Shounen Tanteidan (Boy Detectives Club) have been assembled under the mysterious detective Kogorou Akechi. Their actions have led to the resolution of various small and large incidents. One day, team member Kensuke Hanasaki meets a boy named Yoshio Kobayashi. Kobayashi, who has an undying body because of an “unidentifiable fog”, wishes his own death and refuses contact with others. Hanasaki takes an interest in Kobayashi and invites him to join the Boys’ Detective Team. The encounter eventually leads them to the connection between the criminal nicknamed “Fiend with Twenty Faces” (Kaijin Nijuu Mensou) and Kogorou Akechi.

[Oct 26, 2016] HOPE SNIPER / Azusa Tadokoro
[Nov 23, 2016] Kimi dake no Boku de Iru kara / GACKT
[Jan 25, 2017] Unmei Dilemma / Azusa Tadokoro
[Mar 22, 2017] Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~
[Mar 08, 2017] Trickster Original Soundtrack

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