Trigun ( トライガン) takes place in the distant future on a deserted planet. Vash the Stampede is a gunfighter with a legend so ruthless that he has a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. Entire towns are evacuated upon hearing rumors of his arrival. However, the real Vash the Stampede is not the same man that rumor portrays him to be. The enigmatic and conflicted lead character in Trigun is actually more heroic in nature, and at times a complete and utter idiot. The music is very subtle and gets the job done. It’s not overly noticeable, and compliments the scenes quite well. I heard one of the members of the band Black Mages composed the music. The music is very recognizable and memorable for how simple it is. The animation and drawings in Trigun are not so great. They are in fact very mediocre, which is a shame. Many of the lines are drawn poorly, unevenly and the movement is often very choppy and of a low frame-rate (some of the episodes don’t suffer from this, however). The lower quality animation is probably a budget issue, so it’s a little easier to forgive. It must be extremely difficult to craft such a great series under so much pressure. However, it’s definitely one of the greatest moral dramatic comedies I’ve ever seen. The last few episodes left an impression on me; the show has a very clear and valuable message that has staying power. If you are up for a nice 26 episode series to laugh and cry with, give Trigun a whirl

Opening Theme: “H.T.” by Tsuneo Imahori (in OST 1)
ED: “Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku” by AKIMA & NEOS (in OST 1)

[24/06/1998] OST 1 – The 1st Donuts
[21/10/1998] OST 2 – The 2nd Donut Happy Pack
[31/07/2001] Original Soundtrack: Spicy Stewed Donut
[21/04/2010] Trigun O.S.T Badlands Rumble

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