Trinity Blood


‘When Earth’s population drastically increased, humanity was led by the United Nations attempt to colonize Mars. During the colonization, they discovered two alien technologies: the Bacillus and the Crusnik nanomachines. The colonists installed the Bacillus in their bodies which transformed them into Methuselahs. Continuing wars on Earth eventually led to “Armageddon,” the apocalyptic event that happened 900 years before the start of the story, and the colonists returned to Earth to help with rebuilding. However, when the colonists returned to Earth, a war broke out between the Methuselahs and the humans who had remained on earth.’ The series had its strong points for sure. The soundtrack was haunting and fantastic along with the character designs being extremely cool. The development on the main character is also one of the highest points of the show. Half the fun of the series is figuring him out and his back story is revealed bit by bit making you want to keep watching.

[20/04/2005] OP: “Dress (BLOODY TRINITY MIX)” by BUCK-TICK
[21/05/2005] ED: “Broken Wings” by Tomoko Tane
[22/06/2005] Trinity Blood File #01 – Gunmetal Hound
[21/07/2005] Trinity Blood File #02 – Guns n’ Swords
[24/08/2005] Trinity Blood File #03 – Radio Head
[22/09/2005] Trinity Blood File #04 – Roman Holyday
[22/09/2005] Trinity Blood Original Soundtrack: TB_music file


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