Tsugumomo Character Song Mini Album

Tsugumomo Character Song Mini Album
Catalog Number PCCG-01606
Release Date Jun 21, 2017

01 プ・プ・プリン 3:14
Performer: Kiriha [CV: Naomi Ohzora]
02 I Want You~Kan! 3:54
Performer: Kukuri [CV: Yurika Kubo]
03 濡烏 3:43
Performer: Kokuyou [CV: Eriko Matsui]
04 ハリセン☆ハリケーン 4:10
Performer: Chisato Chikaishi [CV: Noriko Shibasaki]
05 追いつきたくて
Performer: Sunao Sumeragi [CV: You Taichi]


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