Umineko no Naku Koro ni

うみねこのなく頃に / Umineko: When They Cry
Umineko anime can basically be defined as a great story with a horrible execution. And that is not right; for, on an anime market with a lot of mediocre stories with great visual/audio/atmosphere candies, Umineko is exactly the opposite, being hard to digest.For a sound novel player, it’s a complete session of rage, of ‘Why the heck was that cut?’ and ‘Hey, they did that wrong! Bastards!’.And for an anime-only viewer, it’s a ‘How do I make head or tail of this thing? Eh, never mind, someone’s been killed again’ reaction chain.To conclude with, I would recommend Umineko the anime only to those who are new to anime in general and have only watched around 20-30 series so far. More experimented watchers would definitely be able to sense the plot holes and lack of affective implication. And they will not enjoy that.

Opening Theme: “One-winged Bird” by Shikata Akiko
Ending Theme: “la divina tragedia ~Makyoku~” by Jimang
Character Song:
1. Ushiromiya Maria & Ushiromiya Jessica .
2. Beatrice & Ushiromiya George .
Umineko Image Album Rokkenjima in Love (V.A)
Umineko: When They Cry Original Soundtrack (OST)

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