Upotte!! (うぽって!!) is a Japanese manga series by Kitsune Tennouji which began serialization in July 2009. The series started airing on Japanese television in July 2012. Its title comes from reverse-spelling of 鉄砲 (てっぽう, Teppou, gun(s)). The series takes place at a school known as Seishou Academy. Unlike an average school, all the students are actually anthropomorphized guns, training to one day become a useful weapon, and is divided up into elementary school (sub-machine guns), middle school (assault rifles), and high school (Battle rifles/sniper rifles). They are capable of drawing the weapons they represent from out of thin air and using them, and any student or her manifested gun can suffer from any gun-related problem the other might have.

All students in Seishou train to shoot their target (literally) using live ammunition. The series mainly focuses on an FN FNC assault rifle nicknamed Funco and her friends with their human teacher.

Opening Theme: “I.N.G.” by sweet ARMS
Ending Theme: “Himekuri” by Kaori Sadohara
Character Song & Drama: Sono 1 / Sono 2 .
Upotte!! Original Soundtrack (This album was cancelled)

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