Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (吸血鬼ハンターD ブラッドラスト) is a 2000 anime film written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The film is based on the third novel of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D series, Demon Deathchase.
The film began production in 1997 and was completed with the intention of being shown in American theaters.
The story revolves around D, the infamous “dunpeal” (born of a vampire father and a human mother) outcast and renowned vampire hunter. His prowess at hunting the creatures of the night allowing his acceptance among humans, he is called upon to locate Charlotte Elbourne, the lovely daughter of an affluent family who has been mysteriously kidnapped. When the sun sets, the hunt goes on! Charlotte`s father offers a rich bounty, be she dead or alive, a task D willingly accepts, even with notorious Markus brothers and their gang of bounty hunters seeking the prize as well. Amidst the chase and unknown to all lurks a sinister evil which has been secretly manipulating their every move and has set a chilling trap that none will expect and few will survive. With the tables turned and the secrets revealed, the hunters could quickly become the hunted!

[Apr 25, 2001] ED Theme: Far Away / Do As Infinity
[May 03, 2001] Original Soundtrack (by Seiji Kameda)

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