Vividred Operation

Vividred Operation is original anime series produced by A-1 pictures and handled by Kazuhiro Takamura, the same director involved with Strike Witches. Thus, expect some of the similar character designs and themes presented here. Among those themes include friendship which ties the main characters together. However, Vividred Operation doesn’t pull everything together right and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Like its predecessor, Vividred Opreation takes the skies once again with its style of saving the world against unknown alien forces. From the surface though, the series looks clean and peaceful. In fact, it seems that the world is at peace, with a lack of global warming, and has advanced technology beyond our times. It definitely looks like a paradise. Set in Oshima, a powerful piece of technology known as the Manifestation Engine has made all of that possible.
I found Vividred Operation to be a series of fun and entertaining but becomes frustrating to watch as the episodes passed on. The seemingly lack of story and weak character development/relationships makes watching the series feels like a chore. Additionally, some of the fan service are distracting and the Alone themselves seems to have no motivation rather than seeking endless destruction; their designs are also generic and doesn’t stand out too much from my perspective. It serves just as a device to bring out the ‘save the world theme’ with no regards to making any lesson of morality. Ultimately, this show is more of a way to pass time for me, but it did have some of its fun moments. After all, who ever said you need pants to save the world.

[13/02/2013] OP: earthmind – energy
[27/03/2013] Ending Theme & Character Song Collection 01
[24/04/2013] Ending Theme & Character Song Collection 02
[29/05/2013] Ending Theme & Character Song Collection 03
[26/06/2013] Original Soundtrack I
[24/07/2013] Original Soundtrack II


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