W – Aa Ii na


“Aa Ii na!” (あぁ いいな!?) is the second single of the J-pop duo, W. It was released on August 4, 2004, under the Zetima label. This was the first single that W released after their graduation from Morning Musume. It is the highest selling single of all of the W singles. This song was used the last ending theme of the Doraemon 1979 anime.
Release Date August 18, 2004
Catalog No. EPCE-5308

Track listing[edit]
1. Aa Ii na! (あぁ いいな!) – 3:51
2. Otome no Keitai Denwa no Himitsu (乙女の携帯電話の秘密) – 3:52
3. Aa Ii na! (Instrumental) (あぁ いいな (Instrumental)) – 3:48

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