Wagakki Band – Yasouemaki

Latest new album “Yasouemaki” contains “Senbonzakura” which had been played more than 24 million times on YouTube, “Hanabi which was originally released as a video single, and now is recorded on the CD for the first time, “Ikusa,” “Nadesiko Sakura,” “Hangeki-no-Yaiba,” the theme song of TV original drama “ATTACK ON TITAN Hangeki-no-Noroshi,” and 9 other unreleased original songs! Plus, a studio recording version of “Chikyuu-Saigo-no-Kokuhaku-wo” which is a popular covered tune at their live will be recorded as a bonus track on first edition CDs only.
Catalog No. AVCD-93227
Release Date: Sept 02, 2015

01 Ikusa
02 Hoshi tsuki yo
03 Perfect Blue
04 Tsuioku
06 Furin no Utautai
07 Hanabi
08 Kyosyu no Sora
09 Akatsuki no Ito
10 Hakuhan
11 Nadeshiko Zakura
12 Hangeki no Yaiba
13 Senbonzakura
14 Hanafurumai
15 Chikyu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo / ※1st edition CD only
File Size: 151 MB (320kbps)

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