Wagakki Band

Impact that nobody has ever seen. Brilliant and Strong.
The Miraculous fusion of rock band and traditional performing arts.
authentic expression of music originated in Japan.

The Wagakki Band, which consists of seven musicians and the singer Yuko Suzuhana, deftly fuses traditional Japanese instruments with contemporary rock. Though the stage may get a bit crowded with a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, a tsugaru-jamisen (Japanese lute) player, a koto (Japanese harp) player, a shakuhachi (Japanese flute) player, a taiko drummer, and a fan-swinging singer, they manage to put on a surprisingly dynamic and cohesive performance.

“New Sensation Rock Entertainment Band” combining Shigin, Wagakki and Rock Band. The first album “Vocalo Zanmai” released in April 2014 got their fist Top 5 in Oricon Weekly Ranking, also Top 10 twice. For 22 consecutive weeks, this album was continuously ranked among the top 100. Total view “Senbon Sakura” posted on YouTube was reviewed more than 22,000,000. Wagakki Band appeared in “The 15th JAPAN EXPO 2014” held in Paris in July 2014 where over 4,000 people went to. This year, they announced to host the first ever solo live show in Taiwan as “THE 1ST WORLD PROJECT”.

*Album Name「Vocalo Zanmai」ranked 3rd in the Tower Record 2014 annual rankings for the 「Anime song・Singer/Voice Actor」section.
*Album Song「Senbon Zakura」ranked 12th in the Youtube 2014 Music Video section.

Vocal: Yuko Suzuhana
Shakuhachi: Daisuke Kaminaga
Koto: Kiyoshi Ibukuro
Shamisen: Beni Ninagawa
Wadaiko: Kurona
Guitar: Machiya
Bass: Asa
Drums: Wasabi

Albums & Singles: (Project Quit)
[2014.04.23] VOCALO Zanmai
[2015.02.25] Ikusa -ikusa- / Nadeshiko Zakura (in 2nd Album)
[2015.09.02] Yasouemaki

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