Wake Up, Girls! Vol.1 Bonus CD

Enclosed with Wake Up, Girls! Vol.1 LE Blu-ray (AVXA-74103).
Wake Up, Girls! 第1巻 特典CD
Catalog Number AVXA-74103B
Release Date Mar 28, 2014

01 Aa Hikaritsuka Kagekidan 2:51
TV Anime “Wake Up, Girls” Episode 8 Insert Song
Performer: Hikarizuka Kagekidan
02 DATTE 4:00
TV Anime “Wake Up, Girls” Episode 5 Insert Song
Performer: Tina Kobayakawa from I-1 Club (CV: Kiyono Yasuno)
03 Aa Hikaritsuka Kagekidan (instrumental) 2:51
04 DATTE (instrumental)

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