White Album

White Album (ホワイトアルバム) is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Leaf, and was originally released on May 1, 1998 for Microsoft Windows PCs as a CD-ROM. A manga adaptation illustrated by Japanese illustrator Chako Abeno began serialization in the shōnen magazine Dengeki Daioh in August 2008. It was followed by an anime adaptation produced by Seven Arcs, which began broadcast in Japan on January 3, 2009.
Haruki Kitahara’s light music club is on the verge of disbanding. At this rate, the third year’s dream of performing at the school festival would never be realized. However, as his exhausted fingers drift through the chords of “White Album,” the first song he would ever play, an angelic voice and mysterious piano begin harmonizing with his lonely guitar. It is a momentous performance that marks the beginning of everything for Haruki.

White Album
[Jan 21, 2009] OP: Nana Mizuki – Shin’ai
[Jan 28, 2009] ED1: SUARA – Mai Ochiru Yuki no You ni
[Apr 01, 2009] White Album Character Song 1
[Apr 08, 2009] White Album Character Song 2
[Oct 28, 2009] ED2: Suara – Akai Ito
[Oct 28, 2009] Op2: Nana Mizuki – Mugen
[Jan 01, 2010] White Album Character Song 3
[Jan 01, 2010] White Album Character Song 4
[Jan 27, 2010] WHITE ALBUM Sound Stage 01
[Feb 24, 2010] WHITE ALBUM Sound Stage 02
[Mar 24, 2010] WHITE ALBUM Character Song Best & Sound Track

White Album2
[Nov 06, 2013] OP, ED, & Insert Song
[Dec 25, 2013] Kazusa Classic Piano Pieces
[Jan 29, 2014] WHITE ALBUM2 Original Soundtrack

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