Witch Hunter Robin

WHR / ウィッチハンター ロビン
While the story and plot is slow (sometimes tremendously), the overall plotline and conclusion to the anime makes you really see the epic and vast nature of just what was being approached with this series. Starting like any normal “monster-of-the-week” series, you are compelled into the daily investigations of the STNJ, a “secretive” detective agency (ala Men in Black) that hunts down abusive witches, individuals with various sorts of powers. Even some of these STNJ members are witches themselves, including the protagonist Robin. Robin is one of those characters that, in my opinion, stays with you long after you forget everything else about the series. As simple as she may seem on the outside, her personality and emotions unravel and become apparent later on in the series, and it does not disappoint. Robin is not the only highly characterized individual in the show, however. I found all of the other characters we met with just as comprehensive a background. It was an unforgettable show for me that I both enjoyed and basked watching hours at a time.

[21/08/2002] OP & ED: Bana – Shell / Half Pain
[21/09/2002] OST: Sound Score 1
[21/11/2002] OST: Sound Score 2

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